While a small percentage of artists are able to get their vision perfectly on their first try, most require trial and error to a certain extent. We are human, after all!

For those who follow my Twitter ( if you haven’t!), I made a tweet in regards to what I believe being a professional artist is all about. It’s not that we do not make mistakes during our process. It’s the fact that we won’t present a final piece until it’s gone through our quality check, so to speak.

That’s why it’s always important to judge your artwork with fresh eyes or ask someone knowledgeable for help. Being able to be critical of what you create pushes you further and naturally improves your work. Generally, remaking a piece can be prevented through thumbnails and process of filtering your ideas. Sometimes, however, a picture just looks better in your head!

I’ve attached an example of something that may happen. Both versions have the same idea. The mood, however, wasn’t working as intended in the first version. A lot of the appeal I try to achieve is to create an atmosphere where the supernatural is melded into a realistic world. The darker approach, while still valid, is too conspicuous. There’s no sense of mystery.

When you encounter a situation where something just isn’t clicking but you believe it’s a good idea, it’s time to start over. Approach the process differently! Perhaps you didn’t research enough to convey the atmosphere you wanted. Perhaps the composition needed to change. Either way, a fresh start to the same foundation can be the basis of something a lot better, as long as you keep an open mind on changing what didn’t work.

Knowing when something isn’t working is necessary to an artist. We have to withhold high standards in our vision as the clients entrust us to do so.